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To place an order World Kindness Cards, please fill out the form below or we can direct you to our nearest retail or hospitality partner for individual orders who have agreed to be a an Official WKUSA “Kindness Point of Collection” for generic cards shown in image. Or we can direct you of to our School and NFP partners who may have cards  available should you wish to support their cause.

For 001 to 20 cards = $5.00 each
For 20 + to 100 cards = $4.75 each
For 100+ to 500 cards = $4.50 each
For 500+ to 1000 cards = $4.25 each

Rates for Corporate Social Responsibility  and Human Resource initiatives. 
Co-branded Cards with custom card design Artwork additional $150 

For 1,000+ to 2,000 cards =   $4.00 p/card
For 2,000+ to 3,000 cards =   $3.75 p/card
For 3,000+ to 5000 cards =    $3.50 p/card
For 5,000+ to 10,000 cards = $3.25 p/card
For 10,000+ to 20,000 cards = $3.00 p/card
For 20,000+ cards = POA

Note: Packaging and handling costs may apply.


Special Wholesale Rates apply to our Corporate Members  subject to meeting conditions.

Cities, Not For Profits, Charities, Educational Institutions and or companies wishing to gift cards to support their charity partner or any Community Goodwill initiative for fundraising or raising awareness to World Kindness Day are eligble for special rates. An organisation’s Logo can be placed on front left side of card, with Company’s logo on back of card,

Special Rates For 1000+ cards = only $3.00 each for School or Charity must have logo placed on front left side of card, with sponsor’s logo on back of card if requested,



  1. Pay by monthly installments  for orders over 5000 cards.
  2. Bulk orders can be relaeased with part orders of 1000+ cards per month, allowing you to update artwork for each release to promote a specific cause.
  3. Flyers to attach to cards : DL flyers your organisation wishes to attach the cards to, must be approved by WKUSA; include the WKUSA logo and the wording “Proudly Supporting World Kindness Australia” or “Official Member to World Kindness USA”.

  4. PreRegister: Have all your cards pre registerd with a specific message from the CEO and point of  origin.
  5. Load Prizes: We can load a prize or prizes onto random cards with participating retail or restaurant partners which can be redeeemed on presenting the card to a particular WKUSA retailer.
  6. Subject to the fundraiser and value of prizes loaded onto the cards you sell above the recommended retail price (RRP)
  7. Celebrity Card: Cards can be auctioned when registered by celebrities who provide a bonus surprise when the card is not kept  as a souvenir and passed on.
  8. Gift the cards to a charity or school and only pay $3.00 per card the school and or charity onsells cards for $5.00 costing them zero. 100% goes to Goodwill with out any expense paid to a middleman. Your initial investment of $3 raises a total of $8 all going to create a kinder world.

To place an order for World Kindness Cards, please fill out the form below.

We will contact you with further information about customisations you may like make to your cards.


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