We welcome all international organisations wishing to join the World Kindness Campaign
and become official Members to the

World Kindness Project.

Membership to the World Kindness Project is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership, rather wanting to contribute to provide a value add to the global campaign for a kinder world. Our expectations for any international organisation whether it be, Corporations, Non Government Organisations or Government Agencies seeking to participate, is that they are willing to commence a journey embracing the spirit of collaboration and be prepared to meet the KPIs, ( Kindness Performance Indicators )


What it means to be a Member of the World Kindness Project  

The mission of the World Kindness Project is to inspire individuals and organisations of global influence to see the world united on a international platform of collaboratiion based on a foudtion of kindness to create a kinder world. Our members collectively represent the project at the international table to provide a collaborative value add to the global movement.

Membership Categories 

  • Individual Members of influence.International Thought Leaders from all sectors.
  • International Corporate Members. Social Enterprise, multi national Public Listed Companies.
  • Community Members. International Peak Associations International Sporting Institutions. International NGOs
  • Education & Government Members. iInternational Universities, Colleges , Cities. Government Agencies United Nations affiliates

Member organisations who have had their applications approved prior to August 2018 are eligible for the following designation. 

  • Founding Member
  • Founding Corporate Member

Acknowledgement and Designations for Individuals

  • Honorary Life Member and  Special Envoy  / Emmissary for Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, the European Union, the Middle East, the Caribbean & Oceania (Volunteer): Approved by the WKP Interational Executive Council for dedication and contributions to the campaign. Presented by the WKP Board.
  • International Courage To Be Kind Award: Deemed to be a selfless courageous act to assist others, despite risk and with a level of personal sacrifice.
    Presented by our Executive.
  • International Achievment Award:  Aimed to recognise the quite acheivers in their country, living daily in the spirit of kindness, often their acts of goodwill going without notice. Nominatated through the national bodies and or by cities which have officially joined the campaign. 
  • International Kindness Hero Award: Aimed at local community members who in their own way live life with a greater purpose by their actions which touch on so many lives. Nominated by the local community and with the support of the City. Co-Presented by our executive and the City’s Mayor.

The Objectives Of The World Kindness Project  Are: 

  1. To provide Global Corporations, International NGOs and International Government Agencies a global platform for collaboration to support the  campaign for a Kinder World.
  2. To share ideas and experiences of kindness with and from our members programmes in different nations representing in all sectors society.
  3. To positively engage Inspire and Influence those with influence on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.
  4. To ensure Kindness is on the global agenda and actively encourage participation from the classroom to the staffroom and from the boardroom to those residing in our corridors of government.
  5. Ensure the messaging around “Kindness” is never mistaken for weakness and is embedded within our corporate structures and within the international community at large.
  6. Ensure Kindness is on the international agenda and to encourage opportunities to have Conversations In Kindness and embed a culture of kindness in our nations Capitals to support them to become officially be recognised and internationally endorsed and listed as a “World Kindness City”.
  7. Support and promote our nationl members activities and kindness campaigns whereever possible.
  8. To see our Governments pass a bill and legislation to support the campaign for a kinder world with the official Signing of a by partisan co-sponsored Declaration of Support for A Kindner World.
  9. To have World Kindness Day on November 2013 officially recognised on the International Calender.
  10. To see our governments co-sponsor a motion at the full sitting of the United Nations to unanimously have its members resolve to sign a Declaration of Support for a Kinder World and adopt a Kindness Clause within their constitution.

Members have the responsibility of organising activities related to kindness within your organisation, in support leading up to an including World Kindness Day on the 13th of November each year. 


  • Members can network and be connected with other WKP members and will receive newsletters and regular updates on research, education and events.
  • Members can attend and contribute to organising international meetings such as the Interational Regional Kindness Summit held each year.
  • Members can be nominated to the International Executive and Advisory Council appointed as a Special Envoy in their region by the Board.
  • Members can participate and contribute to international events and workshops. eg The Gathering Of Kindness, Conversations in Kindness, World Leaders Kindness Summit.
  • WKP can assist your initiative by contacting your government on your behalf  to advise them what you would like to do and how they can be engaged.
  • Members will be listed on official WKP website with hyperlink once they undertake to fulfil the KPIs (Kindness Performance Indicators)
  • Members will have social media support on the official WKP Facebook, Twitter pages and website and all members are encouraged to share the news of others endeavours, because when it comes to kindness, it is not a competition.
  • Members will be able to use the WKP logo in their signature for stationary, emails and have a hyperlink on their website with the words “Official Member to the World Kindness Project “ or “Proudly Supporting the World Kindness Project”
  • Members can participate in the acknowledgement of others for The International Courage To Be Kind Award, the Directors International Kindness Achievement Award and International Kindness Hero Award.
  • Member organisations who meet the KPIs (Kindness Perfromance Indicators) are eligble to have their logo on World Kindness Cards.

To become a Member organisation, complete and submit the application form below (APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP). This will be vetted and an interview will be aranged. References provided will be checked and recomendations to the board will be made. This can take up to 21 days. Upon confirmatiin applicants will recieve a letter requesting avaiable dates and times they wish to host a “Signing Ceremony” to receive their Cerificate of Membership and announce their organisation has been approved as an official member to participate in the global campaign. As a new member your local national branch offices will be afforded an opportunity to join the national bodies.

WKP will not share your details with any third party. Once your Application has been approved, one of the World Kindness Project team will contact you to discuss the next steps to Membership, and where applicable, send an Invoice for your annual Corporate Membership Fee.

ANNUAL Membership Fees (USD)

  1. Individual Youth Members 18yr to 25yrs $100.00 Non Voting (Nominated through international Youth Organisations or International Schools / University / College)
  2. Individual Members: $100 (Nominated through Cities)
  3. International NGOs & Peak Global Associations $250 (Once off payment) (ideally with operations in 5 or more counties)
  4.  Associate Founding Members eg. National Kindness Organisations eg members of  the World Kindness Movement  peak national bodies eg World Kindness Australia, World Kindness China, World Kindness USA etc $00.00
  5. International Education and Government Agencies eUnited Nations, UNESCO ,UN Human Rights CommissionsWorld Cities. $00.00
  6. Honourary Life Member $00.00 Nominated by the World Kindness Project Executive
  7. International Corporate Members. International Public Listed Company $2,000 pa (must have  a physical presence of  operation in 5 or more counties) eg Microsoft Google, Teslar Facebook Virgin )
    Founding Corporate Members  (by invitation only, ideally with operations in 5 or more counties)
    Roles and Positions within WKP
    International Advisory Board Member  (by invitation only)
    International Executive Member  (by invitation only)
    International Executive Committee Member / Chair appointed from members of:
    Media & Communications – International Membership – Partnerships and Strategic Alliances – Education and Research – International Governement Engagement – Strategic Planning – Global Events & Special Projects – International Awards – World Kindness City Support – Finance – Governance
    International Special Envoys Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, the European Union, the Middle East, the Caribbean & Oceania (Volunteer) nominated by members and or invited by the Internatioanl Advisory Board.

International Special  Envoys

 Embedding a Culture of Kindness

Leadership is important to instigate and drive positive change, however rarely does the influence last more than a generation past the tenure of the individual if policy is not embedded through a cultural change in thinking and attitude. Kindness needs to be layered at all levels of an organisation and a community. If you were to do a word search on company job descriptions, handbooks, websites, emails and minutes of meetings how often would the word Kindness appear? Zero? It does not even appear in our national curriculums. The good news is as our membership of our national bodies grow you will find kindness appearing more often, the challenge is to ensure it takes hold and that’s why we insist on the Signing Ceremonies, appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors with the board signing Declarations of Support for a kindner world.

 Placing Kindness on The Agenda

To ensure an inclusive culture exists Kindness must first be on the agenda to start a “Conversation In Kindness” A motion can be formally adopted by placing “Kindness” on the agenda at the next meeting to be driven by individuals as Goodwill Ambassadors have an important role to play as your Special Envoys (Messengers). We encourage the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors to lead initiatives and meet periodically to share ideas. Partnerships are a key element to our campaign and we have all sectors involved from business, education, government, sport, community, media, health care and the arts.