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The World Kindness Project will be registered by mid 2019 as an independent international Non Government Organisation formed as a international platform for collaboration for global organisations, International Corporations, Peak Global Associations, International Government Agencies, Foreign Consulates, including but not limited to the United Nations, Peak National Kindness Bodies and individuals of influence. The World Kindness Project works with people and organisations with global influence in government, Non-Government and the private sector. These individuals and organisations join because they are willing to lend their support to both the global and national campaigns where their organisation have a presence. Our members seek to influence through collaborating on a global platform of Kindness in a world which too often struggles to be the best it can be.

The World Kindness Project is not a governing body, it is a platform for international collaboration designed to encourage and support all nations to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world. The World Kindness Project fills the void in this space by engageming those organisations which may not have kindness as a primary purpose which makes them ineligible to join the World Kindness Movement (WKM), however would like to participate in and contribute to the global campaign for a kinder world.  We support national kindness bodies of WKM through providing opportunities for introductions to the national offices of our international members. Where a nation may not have a national kindness body, WKP will support interested parties to establish one by seeking potential founding members and inviting others to join with them in establishing a national platform for collaboration in any country which has yet to officially join the global campaign.

Membership to the World Kindness Project is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership, rather allowing members to collaborate and contribute, providing a value add to the global campaign for a kinder world. 

 Our collective purpose is to influence those with influence engaging governments and international organisations to develop and implement strategies which will enable them to choose the “Kinder Option ” in all matters to create a positive global shift in a world which has in recent times become all about self.

Things You Should Know About The World Kindness Project
  • The World Kindness Project is independent and has no Political or Religious affiliations.
  • The World Kindness Project is an International Platform for collaboration based on a foundation of kindness specifically for the international  Government and Corporate sectors to engage, participate and contribute a value add to support kindness endeavours of the national kindness bodies in each country and or assist non member states join the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • The World Kindness Project will support the overarching endeavours of our members desire for positive change by bridging the divides and addressing the plight of civil discourse.
  • The World Kindness Project will not seek nor compete for donations or apply for grants, it will be independently funded through a sustainable business model designed to support, promote and work with the goodwill initiatives for all to create positive global change.
  • The World Kindness Project is not a governing body, it is a platform for international collaboration designed to encourage and support nations to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • Membership to The World Kindness Project is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits from membership but rather providing a value add to the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • By 2019 The World Kindness Project will become a registered  Non-Government Organisation (NGO) by 2019.
  • The World Kindness Project came to be on the back of a 20 year campaign following the growing demand of a number of already established national kindness bodies seeking to collaborate on implementing a strategic plan for positive change able to engage and recognise there are individuals and organisations of influence working outside of the kindness space who can bring real value to the global campaign.
  • The World Kindness Project will have a delegation at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland every year hosting “A Conversation In Kindness.”
  • The World Kindness Project structure is based on an unshakable commitment in the belief that a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime through the collective goodwill by inviting all to collaborate in the spirit of authentic universal kindness. A network of national kindness bodies provides an opportunity for the national offices of our international corporate and government members to participate and contribute but rather than through donations it will be through active participation and in so doing become part of a global enterprise of positive change.
  • Global initiatives will support Random Acts of Kindness Week in the second week in February and World Kindness Day on he 13th of November each year, Conversations In Kindness Panels, Kindness Short Film Festival which include launching interactive World Kindness Cards.
  • Ambitious projects will support the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) eg Cities of the Future; Displacement of people in distress due to conflict, climate change natural disasters, failed states and persecution are increasing. The scope of existing UN Refugee Convention does not cover or meet the needs of a growing problem for families in distress and is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. Significant funds are spent on unsustainable detention centres and deterrence and industry practice which compounds the issues, however we have a big idea which see the problem as an opportunity to address many issues. see link.
  • We will also be encouraging the world to btransition away from the unhealthy farming practices  that rely on the dependence of harming living creatures. Rather seeking alternate, sustainable, organic and humane methods for healthier farming and agriculture devoid of chemicals.
  • Global Research and Kindness Index collaborating with scientists to deliver hard data on collective consciousness and the physical impacts kindness can have on cultures and attitudes.
  • Workshops, Curriculum, Education and Research are constantly being developed and made available to our members to experience, adopt and deliver to their stakeholders. 
  • The World Kindness Project will engage with the United Nations and Heads of State to ensure Kindness is firmly on the global agenda.
  • The World Kindness Project will ensure the messaging around Kindness is never mistaken for weakness but rather identified as one of the essential elements and founding pillars of humanity.
  • The World Kindness Project initiatives includes promoting “Universal Kindness” which includes doing no harm to all living creatures including our environment.
  • We will be working on ambitious projects to address poverty and unemployment creating commercially viable businesses such as the Big Hug Hotel and Big Hug Cafe which become training centres providing on the job training  dedicating 10% of occupancy for short term accommodation and jobs for families in distress until they can secure more permanent work and long term accommodation .
  •  We will be encouraging and supporting the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit inviting heads of state to participate as we bring global innovators together to release their findings and progress on these ambitious endeavours from around the world.     
  • The World Kindness Project is seeking applications to fill vacancies on the International Executive and for the International Advisory Board representing all sectors from across the globe.
  • We will be supporting and engaging with Indigenous Communities in the reconciliation process.
  • We are also seeking individuals of positive influence to become our Regional Emissaries of Kindness to work with our members and support the formations of national kindness campaigns. Regions include Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, the European Union, the Middle East, the Caribbean & Oceania (Volunteers nominated by members and or invited by the International Advisory Board.) 
  • The World Kindness Project will also consult with and assist cities and or national kindness bodies which seek to have their cities independently and international endorsed and listed as a World Kindness City. e.g. City of Gold Coats Australia 2017 see link

Michael is an agent for positive change with an extensive background in strategic planning having consulted on staffing strategies for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Since 2011 Michael has been the Chair and founder of the peak national body, World Kindness Australia and in 2012 at the London 7th General Assembly, became the first elected General Secretary to the prestigious global body, The World Kindness Movement, representing kindness organisations from 26 nations. As a strategic leader, Michael not only motivates people to consider new ideas and concepts, he inspires us to embrace them, thereby becoming a catalyst for change. 

Under his stewardship, both organisations secured Messages of Support from two Australian Prime Ministers, the Vice Regal, the Australian Commissioner for Human Rights, State & Federal Government Ministers, State Premiers, numerous local government bodies including the City of Sydney & City of Gold Coast. This achievement was acknowledged in the NSW Parliament & in Her Excellency Dame Marie Bashir 2014 Message. He secured former non member nations participation in the global campaign for a kinder world & delivered the Australian Prime Minister’s Message at the launch of World Kindness China in Hong Kong in 2013 where he is an advisor to the board. Following chairing the 8th International Council Meeting in Paris, he met with the Minister of Prime Minister of Thailand to discuss hosting the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit in Bangkok. In 2017 he delivered the current Australian Prime Minister’s Message of Support in Seoul, & chaired the 20th Anniversary at the 9th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement. Upon returning to Australia Michael presented the City of Gold Coast in Australia with international endorsement as a “World Kindness City.” Since stepping down as General Secretary in Sept 2017, Michael officially accepted the challenge to be the Chief Advisor to the Board of  World Kindness USA and still remains as an advisor to the board of World Kindness China.

When Michael conceptualised the formation of national bodies to be a key element to extend the campaign’s reach he realised they needed to be independent yet supported by a global platform to reflect their purpose to engage all sectors. It was through this and his unshakable belief to continue the journey, he realised there was an important element missing. The World Kindness Project was formed to fill the void and provide ongoing support to those national bodies and pave a way for international organisations to participate rather than preaching to the converted. 

Michael travels the world seeking out to connect individuals and organisations of influence to unite on a global platform of kindness. He is a passionate keynote speaker able to engage, inspire and influence our leaders, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.
Email ceo@theworldkindnessproject.org 

National Kindness Organisations

World Kindness Australia






World Kindness USA



Los Angeles



World Kindness UK






World Kindness Canada






World Kindness New Zealand






World Kindness India






World Kindness Nigeria






National Kindness Bodies

Seeking Expressions of Interest

  • Many countries are yet to form Peak National Kindness Organisations and The World Kindness Project has listed below a number of countries where individuals have already begun the process and are seeking collaborators to form Not for Profit organisations to represent their country in the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • World Kindness Argentina
  • World Kindness Brazil
  • World Kindness Belgium
  • World Kindness Bolivia
  • World Kindness Cambodia
  • World Kindness Canada
  • World Kindness Columbia
  • World Kindness Chile
  • World Kindness Denmark
  • World Kindness Germany
  • World Kindness Greece
  • World Kindness Indoneasia
  • World Kindness Isreal
  • World Kindness Italy
  • World Kindness Malaysia
  • World Kindness Mexico
  • World Kindness Netherlands
  • World Kindness Norway
  • World Kindness New Zealand
  • World Kindness Pakistan
  • World Kindness Peru
  • World Kindness Philippines
  • World Kindness Poland
  • World Kindness Russia
  • World Kindness Singapore
  • World Kindness Spain
  • World Kindness Sweden
  • World Kindness UAE
  • World Kindness Qatar

Corporate Members

Business has an important role to play as one of the greatest global influences on our culture. By engaging public listed multi national corporations,  to place Kindness on their agenda and undertake the KPIs, it will lead to a critical mass for positive change. There is a Catch. They must be prepared to meet the Kindness Performance Indicators.  We launch in 2019 and are looking forward to announce which businesses and International Non -Goverment Organisations and Government Agencies have become Founding Members.

The Preamble to The Declaration Of Suport

Nelson Mandela held the unshakeable belief that South Africa would see an end to Apartheid despite being imprisoned for 27 years. Abraham Lincoln held the unshakable belief that “All Men Are Created Equal” despite the threat of civil war and dissention from within his own party. The Rev Martin Luther King Had a Dream, a dream to which he gave his life to. And Ghandi believed that peaceful protest would overcome brutal injustice. They all had one thing in common, they held lofty aspirations for positive change during a time of civil conflict fuelled by fear and where kindness rarely appeared on any agenda.

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