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The World Kindness Project brings together world leaders representing a broad range of sectors on a foundation of kindness to collaborate and enhance the possibility for authentic positive change for the greater good. Our success will influence humanity to default its decision making process to seek the “Kinder Option” in all matters by first removing the “Myths of Kindness”  identifying kindness as an essential universal element to life itself. Collecting research and hard data from those working in the field of “collective consciousness” and science, we can support our colleagues’ campaigns to influence organisations to have a purpose greater than bottomline.


In 2011 Australia presented the concept for independent peak national kindness organisations to cast a wider net to engage all sectors in each country to influence the influential.  The World Kindness Project is the next phase of this evolution and can now provide international support with its membership based being primarily multi-national corporations,  international NGO’s and government agencies.

The World Kindness Project will be founded on the back of a 20 year international campaign however it is able to extend an invitation for the first time to a broad range of international organisations, previously precluded, to participate in the global campaign for a kinder world. WKP supports the overarching endeavours of The World Kindness Movement to unite the world on the global platform of kindness by harnessing the goodwill and ideas of many from across the world, which sadly too often finds itself divided and captured by a growing campaign of fear and hate.

WKP will position itself to deliver the outcomes for real change by forming international think tanks to undertake ambitious global projects which overwhelm many and are often placed in “The Too Hard Basket”. We support the establishiment of a growing network of World Kindness National Peak Kindness bodies and have engaged the immediate past General Secretary to the World Kindness Movement (2012-2017), Mr Michael Lloyd-White,  recognising the need to engage international organisations whether they be in government, the private sector or Non Government Agencies which  are not ineligable to join the World Kindness Movement whicht is constitutionally bound to maintain its idependence. We however see their participation as essential if we are to influence the influential. Michael identified the danger of creating echo chambers which too often sees us preaching to the converted and thereby limiting the pool of critical thinking.


Mr Michael Lloyd-White
Immediate Past General Secretary of The World Kindness Movement and our CEO (Chief Engagement Officer), Michael Lloyd-White, provides some valuable insights for all of us to consider in this candid interview removing the “Myths of Kindness” and explaining the strategies of the global campaign to create a kinder world. Play Audo Link

The Courage To Be Kind

Jesse Johnson Interviews Michael Lloyd-White


Preamble To A Declaration Of Support

Nelson Mandela held the unshakeable belief that South Africa would see an end to Apartheid despite being imprisoned for 27 years. Abraham Lincoln held the unshakable belief that “All Men Are Created Equal” despite the threat of civil war and dissention from within his own party. The Rev Martin Luther King Had a Dream, a dream to which he gave his life to. And Ghandi believed that peaceful protest would overcome brutal injustice. They all had one thing in common, they held lofty aspirations for positive change during a time of civil conflict fuelled by fear and where kindness rarely appeared on any agenda.

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The Courage To Be Kind
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